Created after my family's tragic loss

  • In July of 2019, my Grandpa unexpectedly passed away in his sleep while he and my Grandma were on vacation out of state. That tragedy hit everyone in the family hard, but none more so than my Grandma. I watched her pick up the pieces of her life while struggling to properly mourn the loss of her grade-school sweetheart and husband of nearly 57 years. My grandpa handled everything with their finances, bills, passwords, etc. Without him, she felt lost, scared and sad.

    Seeing her go through those long, hard months inspired me to create what I called a Legacy Book - a central place to store all of the important documents, information and details of our lives all in one place - as a gift to my wife. I didn’t expect to feel as much peace and comfort as I did handing her this labor of love I'd created.

    I just felt that if (heaven forbid) something were to happen to me, it would somehow be made easier if it wasn't hard to find the information my wife and family would need to make important decisions and keep the family running. I wanted to leave a legacy that would bless the lives of those I love most.

    My hope is that this blesses your family with that same peace and comfort. A little preparation and effort today, though it may seem small, can be a tender mercy amid times of grief or loss in the future.

    - James, creator of Prepare My Legacy

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