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Legacy Book Template

Legacy Book Template

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Prepare My Legacy is a fill-in-the-blank document template used to create a Legacy Book: a valuable collection of all the important affairs of life in one, easy to access location. With it, you'll effortlessly gather the information, documents and details from more than 45 categories, all in one, central place.


  • 35+ page document template
  • Lifetime access to template updates
  • Digital step-by-step guidebook
  • Completed example Legacy Book
  • BONUS: End of Life checklist

Download the template from our website and edit it on your computer just like any other document. No personal or private information is ever shared with us.

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  • Download the fill-in-the-blank template from our site. You'll fill it out on your computer, keeping it private and secure. Choose between the Google Docs or Word Doc version and customize the template however you like!

  • Following the step-by-step Guidebook that comes with your Legacy Book template, gather the documents, information and details to include in your Legacy Book. Think "What will they need when I'm not here?"

  • With your Legacy Book complete, print out a physical copy and put it in a binder along with the documents you gathered. Be sure to tell family where to find it so they can use it if they ever need it. Update it every 6 months.

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Is the information in my Legacy Book private?

Absolutely, 100%! After you create a copy of the view-only Google Doc template, only you will have access to the document you'll create your Legacy Book with. If you use the Word Doc version, once you download your copy only you have access to it on your computer. No software or apps you have to share your private information with.

What do I need to get started?

You'll need a computer to edit a Google Doc template or Word Document, a 3 ring binder for the physical copy of your completed Legacy Book to go in, a way to set recurring reminders for yourself to work on your Legacy Book, and access to a printer to print an updated copy every 6 months.

Can I add my own categories/content?

Of course! The Prepare My Legacy template covers a wide variety of categories and types of information to gather, but every family is different. This template is 100% customizable to your specific needs and desires. We'll just help you get started.

What if I can't find something I need to include in my Legacy Book?

All the more reason to prepare your Legacy Book! If you can't track something down, imagine someone else trying to! The Prepare My Legacy template and Guidebook will walk you through what to do, where to look and how to compile documents, information, etc.

What if I need help along the way?

We're here to help! Refer to the Guidebook we've prepared to help you every step of the way or shoot us an email.

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