We help families prepare legacies.

If tomorrow you weren't here, would your family know where to look to find the most important information they need? It's never too early to prepare your legacy. We'll show you how.

Created out of a
time of grief.

In July of 2019, my Grandpa (who I'm named after) unexpectedly passed away while he and my Grandma were on vacation out of state. That tragedy hit everyone in the family hard, but none more so than my Grandma. I watched her pick up the pieces of her life after being left in a whirlwind of stress from all of the affairs of their life while also trying to mourn the loss of her grade-school sweetheart of nearly 57 years. My grandpa handled everything with their finances. Without him, she felt lost, scared and sad.Seeing her go through those long, hard days inspired me to create what I called a Legacy Book - a central place to store all of the important documents, information and details of our lives (much more than just the finances) all in one place - as a gift to my wife. I didn’t expect to feel as much peace and comfort as I did having this labor of love completed.I just felt that if (heaven forbid) something were to happen to me, it would somehow be made easier if it wasn't hard to find the information my wife and family would need to make important decisions and keep the family running. I wanted to leave a legacy that would bless the lives of those I love most.My hope is that this blesses your family with that same peace and comfort. A little preparation and effort today, though it may seem small, can be a tender mercy amid times of grief or loss in the future.

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What is Prepare My Legacy?

Prepare My Legacy is a document template and system used by families to create their own Legacy Book: a valuable collection of all the important affairs of life in one, easy to access location. With it, you'll effortlessly gather information, documents and details from more than 45 categories, all in one, central place:

  • biographical information

  • online passwords and logins

  • employment information

  • important family documents

  • financial accounts, balances, and access information

  • end of life documents (will, PoA, healthcare directive)

  • . . . many more!

In the event of something tragic, this document is meant to be a gift of love and preparation to loved ones. It won't take the grief and loss away, but it can remove the worry and stress.

Questions we often get

What do I need to get started?
You'll need a computer to edit a Google Doc template or Word Document, a 3 ring binder for the physical copy of your completed Legacy Book, a way to set recurring reminders for yourself to work on your Legacy Book, and access to a printer to print an updated copy every 6 months.

Is the information in my Legacy Book private?
Absolutely, 100%! After you create a copy of the view-only Google Doc template, you and you alone will have access to the document you'll create your Legacy Book with. If you use the Word Doc version of the template, once you download your copy, only you have access to it. We'll never see any of your private information.

Can I add my own categories/content?
Of course! The Prepare My Legacy template covers a wide variety of categories and types of information to gather, but every family is different. This template is 100% customizable to your specific needs and desires. We'll just help you get started.

What if I don't know where to find something I need to include in my Legacy Book?
All the more reason to prepare your Legacy Book! If you can't track something down, imagine someone else trying to! The Prepare My Legacy template and Guidebook will walk you through what to do, where to look and how to compile documents, information, etc.

Is purchasing the video course required to complete my Legacy Book?
No! With the Prepare My Legacy template, you'll have everything you need to get started. The video course is a great option for those who feel like they could use a little extra hands-on help and guidance to complete their Legacy Book.

Can I create a Legacy Book without this template?
Totally! That’s what I did when I created my own. That being said, it took me nearly 2 years to finish and the hardest part was thinking of all the types of information to gather and how to collect it all. That’s how we can help.

Get started today

“...in the end it's not the years in your life that count; it's the life in your years.”

– Edward J. Stieglitz

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  1. Most importantly, use the Prepare My Legacy template to create your very own Legacy Book! I hope having this document for your own family brings you the peace of mind that having it completed has brought to mine.