It's never too early to start preparing your legacy.

When you pass away will your family know where to find all the important information they'll need to move on?

The gift of preparing your Legacy Book now will eliminate the stress and worry during times of grief and mourning later.

We'll show you how.

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  • Percentage of Americans without an executed will.

  • Couples don't share joint access to bank accounts.

  • Percent of couples with one person who handles the finances.

  • Average number of online accounts & logins per person.

  • Total unclaimed insurance benefits each year.

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What's a Legacy Book?

When you pass away, loved ones left behind are instantly met with a mountain of things to do and decisions to quickly make all while going through the grieving and mourning process. Without the information they need, this can feel like they're trapped in a dark room, desperately trying to find the light switch.

A Legacy Book is a central place to store all of the critical information, documents and details from 45+ categories all in one easy-to-find location.

Our Legacy Book template is a 35+ page fill-in-the-blank document that you download from our website and fill out on your computer - no software or apps that you have to share your confidential information with.

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How it works

  • Download the fill-in-the-blank template from our site. You'll fill it out on your computer, keeping it private and secure. Choose between the Google Docs or Word Doc version and customize the template however you like!

  • Following the step-by-step Guidebook that comes with your Legacy Book template, gather the documents, information and details to include in your Legacy Book. Think "What will they need when I'm not here?"

  • With your Legacy Book complete, print out a physical copy and put it in a binder along with the documents you gathered. Be sure to tell family where to find it so they can use it if they ever need it. Update it every 6 months.

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Created after a tragic loss in the family.

"The unexpected passing of my Grandpa prompted me to ask the difficult question 'If tomorrow I weren't here, would my wife and family have what they need to continue on?' That motivated me to take responsibility for preparing my legacy now in hopes that it'd be a tender mercy in a time of need for my family."

- James Ricks, creator of Prepare My Legacy

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